How to Grow as a Vlogger (NEWBIE) – 2016

There are many different topics online which “attempts” to give advice on ways to actually grow as a vlogger. If you’re starting up it’s pretty hard to do these things. For example, how can someone have a good connection with views without getting views.

I will be providing a few tips to actually get people interested in your content, and hopefully you’ll have a huge success!.


Friendship is the key. Make videos with your friends, and actually showcase the amount of fun you’re having, make sure the videos target the correct demographic.

Tip: if your videos are aimed at people aged 9-15, attempt to limit the swearing as this can be turn off.

People love to see the emotion involved, and making content with people who you actually care about will increase your enjoyment. It’s a must. Facebook has allowed myself to meet other YouTubers around the world, which I am very good friends with, this has allowed Collaboration opportunities in the future.


Social Media!
Social media is a key, with the use of “Hashtags” and Facebook groups, it’s easy to find people who are interested in your current things.

Tip: Search for hashtags (Which are relevant to the video) and groups on Facebook around vlogging, this will allow you to actually meet people.

Social media also allows you to create a community, people who are actually interested in your content will actually check it out.

Social Media Logotype Background

Your channel needs to be attractive, such as having a custom banner with eye-catching colors, and unique thumbnails. If your artwork isn’t up to scratch people will see your content as not a strong (sorry but it’s true).


In the world we live in trends are a popular thing, you can see other people who are interested in the things you’re talking about (if you link this to hashtags it’ll getting traffic to the channel).

Tip: You can use Google Trends to find current trends in a certain demographic.


Have Fun!
If the viewers can see you’re having fun, they’re having fun. If your viewers can see you’re nervous, they will be nervous for you. Be confident and have fun (it’s easy for me to say). We live in a world where YouTube is seen as a big thing, enjoy it!


Lastly create something you’d watch yourself. Add music to add more depth to the mood. Go out, and explore, people are viewing you for a reason.



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