Coming up With Vloggin’ Topics?

One of the main problems what YouTubers face, whether they are just starting or even already established, is the fact they can’t come up with topics. Topics are the things that helps you relate to your viewers and actually gives them a foundation to subscribe to you.

Would you watch someone who keeps changing the subject and doesn’t stay on topic?

There are many ways in which someone can come up with topics and conversation starters for YouTube, during this post I’ll show a few ideas, and a few ways to talk about the current events of the world..

Google Trends
I mentioned Google trends in a previous post, it allows you to see current events in the world, and allows you to create a topic around something you’re passionate about. Trends doesn’t just give you a good conversation starter, it actually does so much more, it get’s the people who you want to watch you, to actually find you (with the help of hashtags).

For example, Pokémon Go, myself and a few others are literally obsessed with it, this means that there is a high demand for it, create content around a topic which gets a high amount of traffic. recode says4.3 million (iOS) + 5.25 million (Android) = 9.55 million total daily U.S. users for Pokémon Go.”

Many businesses has been using Pokémon Go to grow on social media, such as Betfred, and ServiceKing, if this titans are using it, so should you.




Looking Back!
Look back at previous memories, think of what inspired you to do something, or how did you get here? Memories are great, especially with social media, you can share them with many viewers around the world. You can see memories by looking back at Twitter, and now even on Facebook with the “On This Day”.

on this day

Talk about current events, talk about what has happening in the world, and how that makes you feel. I like to raise awareness of campaigns and actually donate to charities which are affected in natural disaster.

Many channels has succeed in talking about the news such as #DramaAlert and Philip Defranco.


People are watching you for your videos, and your personality, sometimes just being honest, and doing your daily content is what people watch. The viewers are interested in real emotion, and how you think, it’s not always about what you produce, but how you show it. I am personally subscribed to people because I love how they are, even if there content isn’t extremely edited (GradeAUnderA for example).


Just talk about what you’re doing in life, and if something has happened, mentioned what has happened. A few months back I got affected by cyber crime, I lost a huge amount of money, and I vlogged the whole thing, the support I gained was huge. Emotion is key to YouTube!

Linking with life, friends. If you’re having fun, so is the viewer, it’s all about having a good experience. If you can’t think of anything you can just have fun with friends and see where life takes you. Sometimes it’s better to just “go with the flow”, I’ve created a few videos where I had nothing planned, and it turned someone of the best videos ever due to the unexpected content.


If you haven’t got any video ideas, just go for a walk, the viewers will see you’re exploring new places, and then you can come up with topics, on things such as:

  • How this makes you feel?
  • Do you like the sights?
  • Would you live here?

It’s not always about talking that makes a YouTuber, sometimes it’s the little things.

Placeholder Image

YouTube is all about the emotion and the connect you share, if you think about it, you can create anything, and if you put the work in, and actually look into what you’re making, people will respect you!

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