How to edit vlogs for YouTube? (Starting)

YouTube is becoming more an more challenging by each day. More and more people are becoming content creators on the platform. This may come across as mean, but it’s “survival of the fittest”, only the best lives, or in this case succeeds.


In this blog I’ll be showcase a few programs, and a few ways to add more depth to a vlog.

Programs (Windows)
There are many different editting programs, one of the most easiest programs to start with is non other than windows live movie maker (used to be called windows movie maker). This program used to come stock with windows, but it’s now removed.

Microsoft has this to say “Windows Movie Maker is not supported for Windows 10, but you can still download Movie Maker if you really want it.To find an app that’s designed for creating and editing video in Windows 10, visit the Windows Store.”. 

It’s still possible to get this program, or a similar alterative, but this is very basic, and if you want to start editing, this is a good foundation (be prepared as it’s very limited).

Windows Live Movie Maker

Another strong software which I used was Camtasia Studio, this program has gone through a wide range of versions, and has such a good editing software. I know that a wide range of youtubers still use this, such as NicoB7700. This program is really strong, it allows transitions, music, and even screen recording, in a simple format. I believe it’s a good starting point for editing, the one let down is the price, as editing advances, so does the price, sadly.

Camtasia Studio 8

For more advanced users, Sony Vegas Pro, and Adobe Premiere, these programs are what the video producers use (Even myself), they are really complex, and very pricey, but this software is the most advanced, I can’t edit a video without it, whether it be for youtube or not.

Adobe Premiere CC

Programs (Mac)
There are 2 main programs for Mac, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro. iMovie is very basic kinda like Movie Maker, but allows more functionality, it’s even available on iOS, so you can edit on the go. Final Cut Pro is another great program, similar to Camtastia Studio and Sony Vegas (if they we’re joint), it has functionality, but in a simple format, one thing I love is the fact it renders whilst you’re editing, meaning faster edits, and quicker to upload.

Final Cut Pro X
iMovie 2016

I have a strong belief that Apple Mac’s are the best editing tools for any video producer whether client work or not. Adobe Premiere is also available but I believe that Final Cut Pro X is better and is cheaper long term.

Tips to add depth!
There are many different things you can add to actually make a vlog look more appealing to the viewer. Some tips are obvious, whilst others might get over looked.

1. Audio – When creating a video strong clear audio is key, but if you add some music (non copyrighted ofcourse), it can allow the viewer to feel emotion which links to your mood and your throughts, which makes them feel like you’re consouling them.

2. Music – Music was mentioned previously, but make sure that the music isn’t over used, or too loud so that it overpowers your voice, this will turn people off.

Tip: Ensure the music matches the mood, for example happy, sunny, have a summer hit.

3. Topics – If you’re talking about a topic (for example Cameras), make sure that you show what you’re talking about on a video or maybe even a photo, so people who are new to the subject can get an understanding.

4. Transations – Transations allow a quick smooth movement from one clip to another. A wide range of people do this in editing, but the thing is a lot of the basic transations are very overused, and basic. I like to do transations with a camera, as this has more of an effect, and it’s something that’s different.

5. Multiple Takes – Even if you’re creating vlogs, multiple takes is key, if you keep stumbling over your words this would make the viewer nervous, as you don’t know what to say. Doing multiple takes and picking the clear one out of it, shows you’re confident and don’t mind putting the work in.

There are a few tips of adding depth, all are really valuable, and you can achieve them even if you’re an advanced user or a basic one.

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