Are Cheap Action Cameras Worth It?

As a YouTuber who isn’t that instablished, I want to save as much money as possible for my equipment, so I turned to looking for a cheap alterative. I found the AKASO EK7000 WIFI Sports 4K Action Camera Full HD 1080P. This is a cheap alternative coming in at £54.99, 5 times lower then the GoPro Hero4 Silver (£279.99). All the tests was done in public whilst cycling.

To fully compare these action cameras, I will be looking at:

  • Appearance.
  • Video footage.
  • Audio quality.

of both of these cameras to identify if it’s better to go cheap, or expensive on these cameras.

There is little difference between the GoPro Hero4, and the AKASO EK7000, they do look very similar and one people in the public actually thought the cheaper camera (AKASO EK7000) was, in fact, a GoPro, and asking how much I paid for it. It can easily be identified that the appearance doesn’t really matter.

Video Footage
Everyone is interested in the video footage, and how it compares. On my most recent video, I showcased the footage compared between a GoPro and a AKASO. It can be shown that the GoPro footage is more crisp, but that could be caused by the GoPro being recorded in 4K, whilst AKASO only in 1080p.

GoPro Hero4 


Overall I think that the GoPro has an excellent quality in comparison, but is it worth the money?

Audio Quality
On any action camera the audio isn’t the selling point. The audio quality on the cheaper camera was horrific, and the GoPro audio is simple and clean. I do believe that the GoPro did excel in this test also.

I did a test on this on my channel of the budget action camera when I was inside, the audio was awful.

Tip: Don’t use an action camera as a vlog camera, it feels too light, and not good to vlog with (my opinion.

Overall I think that the GoPro has a lot of neat features, and high quality things, but the price of the GoPro Hero4 is way too high for something such as an action camera. The cheaper is the best opinion is the better one in my eyes, but the rest is up to you!



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