How to start Vlogging?

Vlogging is becoming more and more mainstream, and it’s actually becoming a career for many different channels. The more people who understands this platform the more it’ll become second nature. When I started to film YouTube videos back in 2007, everyone was confused, and I got a wide range of abuse about it, and that’s all changed.

With the ease of vlogging become easier, many people are curious on how to actually start to vlogging.

Comfort Zones!

To actually create strong content, you need to break through your comfort zone, and actually stand out. If you’re nervous, you won’t be happy with the video and neither will the viewer. If someone says something to you in public, whether it’s abusive or not, let it go over your head, IT’S YOUR LIFE.



I did a full blog post about cameras, and which are the best to start with. If you’re wanting to do something basic, a simple iPhone or an Android phone with a decent camera will do the trick. YouTube is still mainly only 1080p, no 1440p (as of yet), and most phones can do it, with great audio and quality.



I did a post on topics earlier in my blogs. Talk about how you feel about current events, basically what is effecting you, how it makes you feel.


I did a full blog post about editing also. This run through the programs, all I can say is that get hands on with a software, and become an expert. One thing to do is look up tutorials, and have to gain an understand, this will make you into a great editor, and in some cases make a career (as it has with mine), so it’s worth the wait.



The speed of the upload is depend on your connection (I’ve had this talk with a lot of people), they say it’s to do with YouTube, this is incorrect. The servers at YouTube is strong, and can hold vast information.



When uploading a video you have to come up with a description and title, this can be challenging, as you might not be able to think about it, if you do something interesting it’s easy, but if it’s a general work day, then theme the vlog to a certain topic, such as Xbox, or some general news (which you talked about in the video).

A wide range of YouTubers use “clickbait“, stay away from this, as it’s normally one hit views who think your video will be something else. If done too much, then the content creator will get a reputation for using this unlawful tactic.

Clickbait: (on the Internet) content, especially that of a sensational or provocative nature, whose main purpose is to attract attention and draw visitors to a particular web page.


Make sure they’re relevant, and not including the offensive words (as YouTube is taking action against channels with this), these are words which can link to natural dierstars, crime, drug use. This has a negative impact on your channel.



A wide range of YouTubers, including myself at times takes a thumbnail from the video. This is what attracts the viewer into the video, and actually gets them to click it. Make sure it’s unique and your twist on things, whilst still being eye-catching. I’ll be writing a full blog post on thumbnails in the upcoming days, on how to make a totally unique one.


That’s the main things about YouTube, I will be doing more guides to look more in-depth at the categories in the upcoming months.

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