Appropriate Tags

On YouTube tags are the things which allows people to find your videos. One example of this would be a vlog around shopping, you’d put in topics such as: Shopping, Shop, Shopping Center. There are many different tools which is online which allows to see the popularity of results on certain tags, and if you’ve got a chance to be seen.


This tool is called keywordtool, it allows you to customise what tags you want in certain countries, for example my biggest demographic is in the UK, so I would cater my tags towards which is popular. Let’s look into the keyword “shopping” as well as in the UK. Sadly you can’t see the traffic impact on a free account, but from what I’ve noticed the higher the result, the more traffic, and the more competition you will have.


When looking into the competitive side of this, you need to ensure that you have a strong SEO, so that you appear higher in the searchers, this can be obtained via Social Media interaction. Basically the more links you have going to a page, the higher it is.


This tool is perfect for beginners, it allows someone to use a certain keyword, and it comes up with all the relevant below, and easy to copy the tags into YouTube. One of the main problems is the fact that you can’t manage and see the impact of the tags, which means that the amount of SEO needed would be huge.


These are two basic ways to find tags, on this blog we will be focusing at optimisation soon, to make effect tags dependent on your videos.

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