YouTube Optimization so you’re higher in the searches.

YouTube is a huge website, it gets millions to billions of views a day, but how do you get up there? Simple SEO, or search engine optimization.

YouTube places videos in a an order which they believe is the best way possible (I’m against this). So YouTube ranks there videos on:

  • views and reach
  • likes to dislike ratio
  • shares
  • subscribers
  • playlists

The one thing I hate about this is that the bigger someone is, the higher they’ll be as they have  a higher volume of views, and reach.

Here are some tips to actually get higher in the YouTube searches.

  1. Correct tags – Don’t go around making fake tags as they’re popular, if you’re not at-least talking about the subject in your video, no one will watch the content as it’s literally fake, and they will just dislike the video and even flag it in some cases.
  2. Social Media – The money links you have going to a video, the higher you appear, that’s why social media is key for internet success.
  3. Description – Right as much as possible, link to your social media (as they would get traffic too (which means more promotion)).
  4. Playlists – This doesn’t affect the SEO but it does get more people onto your channel, and actually watching your videos through auto-play (increases watch time).
  5. Well editing – YouTube also places people in an order depending on the amount of hours watched, high time, means higher up the searches.

There is a few tips to get higher in the searches.

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