The Power of Music

Music is becoming a more and more common thing on YouTube, especially with Vlogging. I use music everyday on my YouTube channel, I most likely won’t ever stop.

Why use music?

Music can be manipulated to go with some sort of transition, or passing of time. I normally use music when I’m doing a time-lapse, or even driving to a new place. Another reason for using music is to actually add ambience, make the viewer feel more involved.

How to find music?

Pretty much on YouTube you can use any music you’d like, but if you want to get your videos monetisation. To find videos where you won’t get copyright flagged, I normally search on YouTube for non-copyright free, then certain songs. for example “Justin Bieber Cold Water”, I search “Justin bieber cold water non copyright” and this comes up.

Sometimes you don’t get so lucky, and you will find a cover, but still it’s really good, and normally non copyright, and you’re free to use this videos.

Other media outlets.

There are some actually channels themed around YouTube Non-Copyright music here are some of the more unknown channels.

These are channels I use on a daily basis. One thing to remember when looking for songs, make sure it fits into the video, for example if you have a video with metal music, and you’re at a park with you child, it doesn’t fit.

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