How to do a Timelapse?

Time lapses are becoming more of a popular thing throughout the vlogging scene. If you don’t know what a Time lapse is, basically…


How Most People Do Time-lapses!

What a lot of YouTubers do, is simply record a video, and then speed it up by 5,000 percentage in post, which is one way you can do it, but as google said, it’s set intervals to record changes. Wide ranges of people are doing it the recording way, but there is another….

The Correct Way!

95% of all DSLR’s have a time-lapse mode enabled, this mode actually makes it so it takes up less memory, less space, has a less impact on the battery (meaning less time to charge).

The one down side to using this feature is that you need to change your settings on your camera for it.  for example, I have a Nikon D5300, and I need to go through the settings to change this, and it’s a lot to do, for a simple shot. With the interval mode on the camera, when editing you need to actually use certain editing techniques in Sony Vegas, or other software to actually create an effect time-lapse.

How To Set Up Your Camera?

You may be thinking, how do I know if my camera can do this? Simple GOOGLE!

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