Editing Tricks.

There are many tricks which can be used to actually improve your editing. A lot of people think editing is limited to the software you use. This is incorrect, I do a lot of my editing using different camera effects, and movements.

Bright Lighting

One of the main tricks is increasing the lighting if it’s dark in the area, one way to counter this is position the camera in a way where the sun is on you (this gives a natural lighting effect)

Tip: If it’s dark carry a camera light, as these are super powerful and looks pretty good! 



I normally do movements at the end of a clip, and the start of a new one, to actually link up the videos, this is a cool little thing to actually make the video look more smooth, it’s a pretty neat a professional thing to use.


I did a post of this previously, it appears a lot of people don’t know how to do an effective time-lapse, which in turn makes it look choppy.



A lot of YouTubers place their camera down, and walk past it, to show that they’re walking somewhere, this is really dangerous, and it could end up your camera getting stolen, so when you’re doing this type of movements, make sure it’s safe, and that you know your camera will be safe.

This effect is done so easily, place you camera in focus on an area, and walk past.

Tip: Use a lens (if possible), with a distance blur on, so it looks a lot more sweet.

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