Retain Viewers.

On YouTube success is all about getting return viewers, there a many different ways to do this. This post links to my previous “how to keep people interested (in winter)”.

On YouTube you need to maximise retainment (like any business) to see any type of growth. There’s a few ways to do this.


  1. Make interesting and involve your viewers – On YouTube if you’re engaging with people, and making it interesting and fun, people will subscribe and come back for more.
  2. Editing – You need to maximise quality, and content via editing. A lot of people think “vloggin'” is simply just getting a camera out and filming, but that’s the easy part. When I vlog I do multiple takes, trying to get the perfect vocals, and perfect the sound and quality.
  3. Daily videos – Once you’re a master of editing, constant videos at the uploaded at the same time is key, as people will return if they know when you’re uploading.
  4. Have fun – your viewers can see your enjoyment, and in turn it turns into their enjoyment
  5. Meet social trends – if someone is looking for it, meet these trends. One example of this would be TrainerTips on YouTube, they saw the demand for Pokemon Go, and used it to their advantage.
  6. Creation – Create something you’d watch yourself.

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