Why is Vid.me better than YouTube

Over the past few years, I’ve had many different experiences with many different video sharing websites such as:

  • YouTube
  • Veoh
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion

and now VID.ME.

I heard about Vid.me from a content creator called Vampy. She told me about this website, but at the time I wasn’t a fan of joining a new video sharing website as I was content (pun intended), with YouTube.

As time went on the problems on YouTube began to occur, especially with the Subscriber Glitch of 2017.

I thought it was time to actually leave YouTube and go onto bigger and better projects. So I joined Vid.me

The Pros and Cons of Vid.me and YouTube.


Pros Cons
  • Not many individuals on the platform
  • Great community
  • Helpful owners
  • Constantly updating
  • Ability to link to other websites (easily)
  • Can’t dislike videos
  • Quality up to 1080p
  • Not very popular (as of yet)
  • Can’t make money through adsense
  • Not as updated as YouTube
  • No video customisation
  • No annotations


Pros Cons
  • High consumer base
  • You can make money
  • Videos can be ripped off
  • Quality up to 4K and 360 video
  • Hard to get noticed
  • Ads can be Intrusive
  • Poor video editing tool
  • Horrible community (from my experience)

From the table above, you can easily see that Vid.me is far from YouTube, but this isn’t a bad thing. A good example of this would be the Porter’s Five Forces Model.

Porter’s Five Forces Model

There are currently a huge gap in the market for a Substitute product to YouTube, of course there are websites (mentioned previously), but they don’t have the same impact as YouTube. Vid.me has sparked up a huge amount of interest from many creators and has even been mentioned by Jack Douglass of Jackfilms.

If you want to grow as a creator the best way to do it is by uploading on both YouTube and Vid.me. On YouTube you might get lucky, but on Vid.me it’s a sure way to gain interest into your content. Vid.me is only in it’s early stages, but over the upcoming weeks and months the website will slowly become stronger, and will catch up to the titan that we call YouTube.


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