The most important part of video production

Before we start on this blog post, I want to address the fact that this is my opinion, and it will look at the filming aspect, and not the other areas (such as story telling).

When creating content whether that be company videos, game-play videos, or even vlogs. Certain things need to be great, or to the best of an individuals ability.

A lot of individuals believe that expensive filming equipment needs to be the most important area to invest money into, which would allow individuals to achieve that crisp content. Higher the quality obviously means better videos right? WRONG. The industry standard for video currently is only 1080p, so if you record in 4K or 1440p, it’s just a waste of resources. Expensive equipment is a big part of video production, but it’s not the most important part, with the industry standard being at only 1080p currently, you can achieve that with under $100 by just getting used content, for example one of my close friends Ed Waugh, uses a preowned Canon camera.

Some others believe that lighting is a valuable area to invest into. This is very true, you need to be able to view your footage once shooting is over. Lighting is a great area, especially if you’re filming in the middle of the night in darkness, it’s valuable, but how often would you be doing this. Once a month? That can be seen as a waste.

The most valuable area to use is AUDIO. You need to get that crisp audio to allow individuals to be engaged with individuals watching the video and to get them involved. How often do you watch a video on YouTube where an individual is outside, and you can’t hear what they’re saying, for me it’s quite often.  When completing testimonials for clients, it’s about what the individual is saying, not about the video, so focus on the audio to achieve emersion.

Overall high quality on the video is needed, and you need to be able to see the individual who is getting filmed, but without audio, no one would actually watch the video. Audio makes a video powerful, look at podcasts, how often do you actually watch the video side of it. Never? My point. Audio is what you need to be aware of.

I have produced content with bad audio before, and to be honest they we’re my best videos I’ve ever made, not because audio is not needed. But because I learnt the value of audio.


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