The Number One Reason To Make Online Videos.

A lot of individuals think that there are multiple reasons why someone should create online videos.

Some people create content for the so called “fame” or the easy “money”. If you’re wanting to make online videos for this reason, you will easily become unmotivated and unhappy.

The one true reason for making videos isn’t about the amount of money you make, or the amount of subscribers you actually have. It’s all about the enjoyment, and happiness you gain from making these videos.

Back when I started videos, making money online through video was unheard of. I didn’t make videos to get famous, I did it because I enjoyed it. I enjoyed interacting with people who I have never met. I actually met some amazing people who saw the world as I did, we learnt off each other and became better people.

If you’re wanting to make a YouTube,, Vimeo, etc. just do it, who cares what people think, as long as your happy doing what your doing, who actually cares. Who knows maybe one day you’ll become famous and be the next PewDiePie.


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