How to Learn Editing

Learning how to editing is difficult to start with, but due to a lot more people are getting into video-production/content-creation, it’s becoming more and more difficult to actually learn how it’s done (By this I mean to their standard).

Firstly what is editing?
prepare (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.” – Google, 26th March 2017

Of course, this quote is meant for written material, but the same ideology applies. You need correct, condense and modify the media you use.

To start with you need to choose an editing studio. If I was you I would dive into something complex, nothing basic like Windows Movie Maker, this is due to how basic the “some” software actually is. Yes a lot of editing software is expensive, but there is some free software (such as HitFilm 4 Express). I think that an individual should become an expert at one software, not many.

Once you’ve downloaded the software and have opened the studio it’s time to begin.

Method 1:
One way I’ve learned is to simply watch videos. YES watch videos. Compare your content to others people, look at what they do, what do you like about the individuals videos, what do you want to learn. Once you have observed them then search for that technique on YouTube, there are thousands of tutorials which will show you how to do that certain thing in your software.

Method 2:
Just mess around. Get into the software and place any video you can find onto the timeline, and just mess around, see what you can do, create, do, learn inside of the software. Hands on experience are great to use when creating content.

These are only the two ways to learn how to edit (in my opinion). You have to learn as you go. You can’t just go into video and expect to be a wizard at it. It takes time.


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