What’s the Best Camera? (April 2017)

Camera’s are getting constantly updated, every passing week and in some cases every day. I’ve experimented with many different types of cameras from many different brands. Nikon, Canon, Sony, and much more.

When I look for cameras I tend to look for more advanced features, not just general consumer use. I look for something which will have semi-long term benefit for a decent price.

Price V Quality.png

The graph above showcases how price affects the quality of the camera. As you can see the more money you spend, the less impact it will have on quality. An example of this would be different between the Sony a6300 and Sony a6500, it’s a £300 difference for the newer model, but they aren’t that different. Both of these cameras are in the same product line, you’re just paying for an updated product. I DO feel as if the a6300 is a step up from the a6000.

Because of the price and quality of the a6300, I would choose it as the best camera on the market for consumers, it has the fastest autofocus in the world at 0.05 in well-lit areas, as well as looks amazing when used correctly (it’s also very easy to pick up and use). Take a look:


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