What to be aware off when looking to buy an editing PC

What is the ideal video editing computer?

Some might say something you can use well. Nope. You need something which has a good processor which can edit and render big files. Technology is evolving, more people are getting higher end equipment for a fraction of the cost. Some laptops can even rival PCs.

In my opinion, Laptops aren’t great for editing on (Other than the Macbook Air/Pro). I would know I used one for 6 years, and they’re so slow, they overheat, and you can’t really push them. Yes, laptops are getting better, but so are PCs. I feel as if laptops are so expensive for what you get in comparison to Computers. On Tomshardware, it says that a PC with an intel core i3 will outperform a laptop with an intel core i5.

I own two editing PCs (mainly for productivity, both have a dual monitor set-ups). Overall the computers are pretty much the same.

Computer 1 Computer 2
– Intel Quad Core i5 4470
– 16GB
– Intel Onboard graphics
– 2TB Hard-drive
– Intel Quad Core i5 6600
– Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
– 1TB Hard-drive

Computer 1 takes 30 minutes to render a 2-minute 4K video, whilst Computer 2 takes 3 minutes to render the same clip. Why is this?

They both run the same processor other than the 4th generation processor and the other being a 6th generation processor, which can see a small difference. The graphics card on Computer 2 is a high-end GPU which allows the software to run smoother, add more special effects and render 3D images (which is rare in video production). The one thing that affects the render speed and is how old the PC is. Computer 1 is three years old, whilst Computer 2 is only 4 months.

The minimum requirement for a high-end software such as Sony Vegas, Premiere, Final cut pro is what processor you’re using, you need at least an i5 (or above), which is a 4th generation and 4GB RAM. The GPU doesn’t even affect the rendering, just the software. If you don’t meet these requirements the computer will struggle to render the video or even do a preview of the clip. The storage of a PC doesn’t matter as long as it has 500GB of storage (I actually went with a lower amount of storage as I have a 10GB external hard-drive where my videos are saved to after they are finished).

The more money you spend on a PC the better it will be, there is no doubt about that. This only looked at intel processors and didn’t even consider AMD processors. I still stand by the fact that PCs beat Laptops, just look at the benchmarks.


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